Court of Appeals Affirms Johnson County Convictions

Franklin – On April 12, 2017, the Indiana Court of Appeals decided to uphold the conviction of Marcus Hardy. Hardy was convicted of murder and sentenced to sixty-five years in prison in 2016, after a four (4) day jury trial. Hardy had appealed on the basis that the trial court had abused its discretion when sentencing him. The Court of Appeals rejected that claim.

This decision comes on the heels of several similar decisions for Johnson County. The Court of Appeals has also recently affirmed the convictions and sentences of Ira Link and Ian Defenderfer. Link was sentenced to sixty-three (63) years in prison after being convicted of Rape, Burglary, Criminal Confinement, and being a Repeat Sexual Offender. Defenderfer was convicted of Battery w/ Death Person Less Than 14 and sentenced to thirty (30) years in prison.

Prosecutor Brad Cooper, who personally handled these cases, stated, “I’m grateful to see that after all our hard work, these monsters will remain behind bars. The Court of Appeals’ decisions on these cases will help maintain the safety and security of our county and our community.“

The Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office has enjoyed significant success in the appeals of its convictions by striving to obtain strong and judicious convictions.

L. Alexander Hamner
Deputy Prosecutor
Johnson County Prosecutor’s Office